Seletti Porcelain Milk Jug

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Seletti Estetico Quotidiano - The Milk Jug, White Porcelain Designer: Alessandro Zambelli + SELAB of SelettiSeletti truly bring contemporary art to the table with the brilliant Estetico Quotidiano range. It's a little bit classic, and also just a little bit quirky - a combination that results in eye-catching dinnerware and tableware that accentuates art, fashion and intellectual creativity. The aim of Estetico Quotidiano is to make disposable objects indisposable once again. Common household items such as tin cans, milk cartons and serviettes are given a face-lift in fine porcelain, but still retain their "used" textures and shapes due to the clever, contemporary design that has gone in to each and every piece.Estetico Quotidiano will inspire fascination and intrigue, and offers a rather inventive solution to commonplace dinnerware, filled with creative twists! Everything old is new again, with Seletti's Estetico Quotidiano.The Milk Jug by Seletti is a practical milk jug and a decorative single flower vase for an impressive table decoration.Designed: ItalyMaterial: Fine White PorcelainDishwasher safeDimensions: 7 x 7 x 14.5cm High